Installation Instructions

A referance guide to applying your stickers like a pro

Step 1

Clean surface with rubbing alcohol wipe (provided in your package) to remove any dirt, wax or oil.

Step 2

Remove paper backing.

Step 3

Place paper backing back on sticky side of the decal leaving the top quarter of the sticky side exposed.

Step 4

Place the decal in the position you would like on the freshly cleaned surface. DO NOT PRESS DOWN YET. (If you happen to mess up on the alignment, pull the decal off upwards in one quick motion and try again.) 

Step 5

Once you have the decal where you want it, take the squeegee we provided and start working your way down the surface of the decal while pulling the paper backing off from underneath.

Step 6

Once you have it completely installed rub over the entire sticker one more time to make sure it well adhered to the surface.

Step 7

SLOWLY remove the clear application tape from the overlay. If there are any air bubbles pop them using the tip of a razor blade or Ex-Acto knife.

Step 8

Enjoy your badass sticker and show off to all your friends!